“Through Michael’s coaching I have learned to respond from my truth during difficult situations. Which has helped me stay centered and on track, it has helped me steer away from falling into the “victim me”  .” –Heather, Joburg


“I first went to see Michael in a terrible state of shock. It was a few days past my traumatic experience and I could not cope, bursting into tears at anything and awful panic attacks and uncontrolled fear. From the first moment he was able to firstly coach me into calmness and then began very skillfully using clearing statements (I now know as access consciousness) helping me re-frame my experience until the weight of the world had lifted. He then gave me a Holistic massage which helped release the remnants of the awful experience out of my body. Surprisingly other issues started coming up and the healing experience went deeper than I could ever imagine. I could not believe it was possible but I walked out of there smiling. I hardly ever go to professionals preferring to deal with stuff on my own but something urged me to go see Michael for help and I am so glad I did. It changed my life.  I highly recommend this to anyone in need of serious life transformation. He had such a wonderful gift of holding space for me in the peak of my trauma and helped me return to my best self!”  — Jeanie, Midrand

I feel empowered to transform my life.” — Jason, Joburg

“Hey Michael – having experienced your fantastic massage a few times – all I can say is WOW… You have created something truly unique and amazing and I am so honoured that you have incorporated my Infinity keys, colour knowledge and products in this treatment. I love receiving it and cant wait for my next one.  This wonderful modality is like a moving meditation which truly marries mind, body and soul. My soul yearns for the peace and centeredness it brings. Michael is a true master.” — Penni Du Plessis, Bordeaux

Michael Lewis is a deeply spiritual experience with coordinated body posture and movement to balance the body’s life energy. Highly recommended to access higher awareness.   Michael’s holistic massages relax, centre and move me into deeper states of peace, while releasing emotional blockages in the body. Michael mixes traditional deep tissue, Swedish and energy balancing massages to awaken energy flow in the meridians of the body.” — Mark Angus

For me, my Chi Kung classes have been about actions speaking louder than words. I have been doing Chi Kung classes every Sunday since October 2010, this is my energy-tank-filling process. It fills me up and creates balance and peace in my life. In the first 3 years of Chi Kung, together with other conscious changes, I shed 30 kilos. Mike is an amazing teacher. It was with total support and a caring attitude that allowed me to feel safe in the space, to grow and improve with my Chi Kung moves over the years. I love the fact that the class combines movement, breath, meditation, chanting and visualization and it connects us to the Earth too. I highly recommend Chi Kung as a practice and Mike as a teacher. Amazing Healer – Teacher “ — Catherine Lahoud

“The Universe consists of Energy. Our bodies consist of energy. And if that energy is not balanced, its impossible to function optimally. Mike is gifted with the knowledge and ability to balance the body’s energy. He always helps me to find my equilibrium.” — Heino Schmitt