Harness the power of what you believe to be true and become the change you have been dreaming of.

Imagine the tools to shift your consciousness.  To change your stars.  Consciousness is really our level of awareness from which we operate from. In other words, how we relate to, or see our lives, others, our future and ourselves.
Our consciousness consists of two elements: 1) Our awake mind or conscious mind where our thinking, feeling, where decisions and actions take place and 2) our sub-conscious.

Our sub-conscious is almost like a recording device that records everything from the minute we are born. All our past experiences are there, so all our conditioning exists in our sub-conscious. It is the source of our existence and any mental and emotional constructs reside there and create our experience of life day by day.

Awaken your intuition and make the shift. Although we are mostly unaware of what exactly is in our subconscious, it has an immense impact on our lives, as it drives our thoughts, feeling, decisions and actions, which ultimately forms our reality.
Imagine becoming more aware of your subconscious patterns and automated thoughts, feeling and reactions and thereby gain the ability to override them when you choose to, and to step into being, the creator of your life instead of being a victim of circumstance.

How can you challenge your constructs and create new awareness and shifts in consciousness, increased “wisdom” and enhanced life skills.

  • Get more from life and yourself
  • Produce more results in your life with ease and joy
  • Shift the way you think, feel and act
  • Manage life’s challenges constructively
  • Cultivate deeper awareness
  • Remove your inner barriers
  • Move into your true personal power
  • Create the relationships and career you have always wanted


 “Your essence knows the truth of who you are.  Your essence does not hold the fear that your body lives in because it knows no end to it’s existence, it knows no death.   Your essence has a multidimensional view of time.  It looks back and sees itself in many roles, in many settings.  It sees choices made in the past ripple through a curved space-time reality and sees the consequences of those choices lived out minutes or lifetimes later.  It looks forward to the future and sees that we collectively create and build future pathways through our choices and intentions.  The choices that we make in our thinking and especially those that result in action move us from pathway to pathway.”

The reality we see is at it’s endpoint.  Its fixed. Changing it is like turning a cup into a plate, it shatters. Surrender to what is unfolding in front of you, trying to negotiate or willing it to be different causes us to suffer.  We have a random associative function in our mind that tries to make sense of everything and inevitably places blame or responsibility outside of our self to survive.  Therefore transformation is only available in the field outside of us, which is fixed.

The universe is reflected in a droplet of water, the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm.  Like in a dream everyone is me, reflecting a part of me.  Oneness.  Change is only possible inside of me.  Allowing the outside version to have its point of view and bringing consciousness and awareness to the inside version.  A thought , a dream or a heaviness is just a proposed reality or pathway selling itself.  Are you interested in making that a reality?  Constructs, thought forms and ego’s are created and manifested and need to be given to the world. ” I am not my body, I am not my mind”  They are like the persona of a superstar, a force unto itself, a challenge or a teaching for all.  Everyone has their point of view about these creations.  It doesn’t define who you are.  Their judgements reveal their challenge, its their stuff and they are using you to process it or divert blame.   It’s that associative tool again so we cut ourselves up to fit into their reality to be right, good and acceptable. Conditional love.  How do we not take this personally? How you got here doesn’t define who you are either. How do I let go of my personal history?

Well your body gives you feedback and inspires you to let go.  Emotional responses are healthy, anger, fear, anxiety and grief.  They raise our blood pressure, our body temperature, changes our saliva, releases chemicals. It can last fifteen seconds or fifteen minutes. If left unresolved this information is recorded or stored in our cellular body.  Six months later this information gets backed up in our skeletal system like an external hard drive.  We replace every cell in our body in a year, well 94%, the rest is really strong tissue that only needs to be replaced every four years, like the Heart muscle.  A one year old and a one hundred year old person have the same age cells yet they look so different.  We embody this information to improve efficiency, create muscle memory to aid dexterity and motor skill and to protect our self.  If you experience a trauma like you stub your toe or bump your head.  It is stored as a limitation in our cells making them less flexible (aging), it just wants to prevent it happening again, it records time of day, where you are on the planet, what season it is, any precipitation and then warns you with a headache or nausea or a racing heart, if too many of these circumstances are met.  It is like inflammation in a joint, it felt vulnerable and was overextended out of range of movement, trauma, so it tries to restrict movement, put a limitation on that happening again.  So be gentle on your body allow it time to process and release all traumas and return to innocence,  these traumas can be cleared and released through yoga, Holistic Massage, Chi Kung or Access Consciousness bars. Leaving you feeling younger and happier, lighter