I have an affinity with martial arts and I have made it my life’s quest to share this wisdom through what I have learnt in the performing arts.  Martial arts can be mystical and obscure and shrouded in secrecy to protect one self from using its power against one self.  I have practiced many disciplines and studied their essence and teachings.  I was introduced to going beyond my mind and body when I became Heavy weight boxing and Greco Roman wrestling champion in the army.  I didn’t know I could fight until my corporal nominated me.  It awoke my affinity and I practiced the art remembering what I already know. I trained in Muay thai kick boxing, grappling, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.   My main focus now is to teach Chi Kung.   I have an honours degree from AFDA in Dramatic Art, focusing on acting and directing. I am passionate about body and movement, using the imagination, storey telling and suspended disbelief, wonderful tools of transformation. My classes are an assimilation of hard form,Kung Fu, soft form, Tai Chi , and healing form,Chi Nei Tsang energy work,  Chi Kung.  Martial arts is an ancient art of using ones awareness to heal disease in the body, reconnecting to source.  The subtle form is also used, tea ceremony.  they show us the source of our happiness and our pain. I also translate this energy into body work, Energy Massage using Chi Nei Tsang, lymphatic drainage massage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Aura soma, Crystals and sound healing. I also practice Access Consciousness, running the Bars to eliminate limiting beliefs and programming.  I find I can’t truly heal anyone unless they change what they believe, I can just show them a pathway to healing.  So essentially I am selling the frequency of Martial arts. For some this is complicated or foreign, for me it is another language and Access Conscious is far simpler to process and they are complimentary modalities.  I have studied many religions and they too are another mans language or expression of belief.  My energy and experience has allowed me to see the wisdom and essence in them all.